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 $300 A YEAR

Kwagala Foundation’s sponsorship program is focused in the villages of Kyababeezi and Namaswanta. We work with hundreds of community members, resulting in over three hundred children ready to be sponsored. When you sponsor a child through us, your donation is used to provide all necessary school fees, personal-hygiene products, uniforms and shoes. Any personal products supplied to the sponsored child are provided as per Kwagala Foundation sees fit – be it mosquito nets, bars of soap, or medication the child may require. 

Kwagala Foundation is proud to provide those involved in our sponsorship program communication with their sponsored child throughout the year. Updates for each child’s academic performance in addition to personal letters written to their sponsor are just a few of the ways by which we try to maintain the utmost intimacy within our program. As with any positive relationship, we believe that communication is a vital aspect in our sponsorship program. Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive new updates and photographs, videos, and access to real-time information.

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